Technocrat Studio

Your safety our priority

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Technocrat studio founded in 2012

and becomes a leader in a broad range of

security products and solutions

    4 Years of Experience

    Since 2012 we have strived to build great drones and UAV technologies and make them available to everyone.

    1000 Destructive Tests

    To ensure safety, we take our products through multiple rounds of testing before launching to the market.

    R&D Experts

    At Technocrat Studio, our research experts account for more than half of our entire team and their coverage spans the key areas of computer vision and artificial intelligence among many others.

    Smart Technologies

    We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of imagination in paving the way to a new era of artificial intelligence.

CCTV Surveillence

The Third Eye

With 4K Technology

Miss Nothing ,See Everything

You And Your Camera

Get Started with the Easy-to-Use

Technocrat is dealing with multiple brands of security,

surveillence,softwares and tracking products in all over India.

We constantly release cutting-edge products and lead the trend

of CCTV industry.Our endless goal is to bring a new vision and

make the world a safer place to live.

Reach New Heights of Aerial Selfie with Auto Pull Away function with Dobby Drone

DOBBY drone can automatically pull away and fly back to do the 10s/30s/60s stunning short videos include your portraits as well as whole surroundings.